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Wednesday, November 12, 2003 fun...first it's friendster and now is blog! I would advice Charleston to create a blog for himself too...orelse he'll be the at the back of the queue again...ohh...hehe. Lyn, her usual self, always giving credit to herself. Haha.

Well, it's Thursday a while's time, I'll be sitting for my O's art paper. Art. Creative. Artistic. Inventive. Imaginative. Who else can it be... joanne b. I love to draw. I remember, there was a time when some of us went to CHC and I saw Pastor Phil's painting, drawn beautifully with just acrylic paints. Especially the one with the Cross. The moment I looked at the painting, something just came over me...the Cross...Jesus...God's love for His people... the painting actually brings forth a message to me. There are no words..nothing, but you can sense it. I was very much inspired by Pastor Phil. To draw something that speaks...and when you take a close look at the drawing, you'll know what the artist is trying to say. Wow.

Recently, Pst How challenged draw the greatest art - the hearts of men and women. woah. The creative & artistic joanne b. will produce art pieces that echoe God's heart...

You can be an artist in someone's life. A nice phrase and I simply love it. The paints, the time and effort put in, the focus, the great joy when you paint it beautifully and maybe certain parts, may not be so nice..but tries to amend it. Ultimately, a beautiful art work is produced. That's God. How He created us, shaping our characters and changing our attitudes by speaking to us... He created us. Men and women, destined to give God the best years of our lives...found in heart of God church.

heh heh. Yeah...God. Artist of my life. Woman after God's own heart. My Creator.

joanne b.

joanne spoke at- 8:37 PM

wow joanne. new blog. well, time to change your password.

Well guys out there, if you're thinking whether this pretty and adorable lady had just hacked joanne's blog. Well, she hadnt. because she's pretty and adorable. hehe.

Actually, the reason is simple. Because I was the one who created this for her. Noble.

Well joanne. Nice layout. Looked just like mine. So cool rite? Simple and nice.

Love ya. *muacks*

great entry about Passion. too.

Replicas of our Pastors. haha. Mini-mes.

oh yea. the same person who helped us with our blog. Ying. love ya too. *muacks*

lyn c.

joanne spoke at- 6:32 AM

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Well...have never ever thought of starting a blog for myself, cause I think it's rather stupid to have a so-called 'Online Diary'?? But, I guess I was wrong...I was so inspired to have one after looking at Esmonde's blog (...which my eyes went watery after reading what you've written...) and of course my dear sister, Lynette's unique and special blog!

It's 2am...zzzZZZzzz....

Since the topic for today is, let me share a little about passion! I love people who are passionate about life and what they are doing. They are usually the ones who succeed and acheive great things. Two classic examples are Pst Lia & How...whom i guess everyone else will certainly agree! Their passionate love for God, their zeal for lost people and their fervent desire to do God's will... I'm inspired.

Now, I'm definitely passionate to make my blog a special one too...besides lyn. Haha....and to be a replica of my Pastors - passionate about God and life itself. Wow.

Thanks Jie Ying for your hard work! Love ya.

love Him. love Him. love Him.

joanne spoke at- 10:37 AM

Monday, November 10, 2003

hey anne. muacks!!
like ya blog?
half the effort is mine!!
hope ya like it.

ilu -hun-

ying rox. ying rox. ying rox. ying rox.

joanne spoke at- 1:56 AM

testing out
joanne spoke at- 12:08 AM